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The third and final stage in the Fairtrade India's School programme is about fully committing to sustainable consumption at school through Fairtrade sourcing and taking the vision to the larger community outside of the school, to support systematic changes. Steps   7-9 are focused on creating institutional policies and holding outreach activities. The award is recognised for two years. The final award makes the school a part of the global Fairtrade Schools network; students and school will participate in demonstrating the impact and achievements possible by becoming a Fairtrade School on an international level.

Students take the learnings and activities to the wider community outside school, demonstrate their achievements and impacts and advocate for the adoption of Fairtrade Labelled products to bring change across the society and create a more sustainable future for all.

Outcome : Students learn how to become change makers and influence communities towards sustainability movements like Fairtrade.

Suggested Duration :Suggested duration: 8-16 weeks

The Fairtrade Group should work towards helping the school make long-term commitment to support Fairtrade Labelled products by deliberating, motivating and introducing a Fairtrade Procurement Policy if possible. 

Outcome : Students participate and learn how to create and incorporate institutional policies including sustainable products in their community.

Suggested Duration : 11 weeks

Assess the faculty and students' knowledge, opinions, attitudes and practices towards the sustainable practices after their work on Fairtrade and their commitment towards supporting the farming communities and sustainable consumption through Fairtrade.

Outcome : The school reflects on the school community’s learning about key sustainability and Fairtrade concepts through the programme.

Goals for achieving the designation :

  1. At least one outreach activity for a community outside the school and one outreach activity during a parent-teacher meeting.
  2. Motivate the school to adopt a fair & green procurement policy and commit to one of the significant school products to be Fairtrade. 
  3. Participate in final evaluation.

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