A Fairtrade school is committed to Fairtrade, sells and uses Fairtrade products as far as it can, and raises awareness of Fairtrade in the school and local community.

Fairtrade initiative is a great way of promoting the ethical and social awareness of your school and it can be easily be linked to PHSE, Global Perspectives, CAS, Enviroment Education, and Climate Education. 

Becoming a Fairtrade School means joining a worldwide movement – a movement where young people learn that, whatever their age, they have the power to make a difference in the world.

It offers a great opportunity to look at global issues such as where our food comes from and how we are connected to people around the world. Students can also learn a range of skills, from teamwork and co-operation to persuasive writing to running a stall or tuck shop.

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For registration please visit Sign-up on our website:
Please you face any difficulty, do write to: info@fairtradeindia.org 

There is no registration and participation fee to participate in Fairtrade India Schools programme.
The entire process is free of cost expect.

We are a very small team and are not always able to come and talk to schools as much as we would like. Do drop us an email though (info@fairtradeindia.org) and we will try our best.

During these tough times e-meeting/s can be organised. We are comfortable with all the online meeting platforms.

The inter-school teacher's workshop can be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the programme along with interacting with fellow teachers. 

Yes, the Fairtrade team organises orientation sessions for teachers and students.

If you are registered with us for the Fairtrade India Schools Programme, you will get an alert informing you about the orientation sessions.

We also plan to conduct Webinars on demand (online seminar) periodically for teachers to solve their queries. The Webinars are free of cost.

Please write in to us at info@fairtradeindia.org to request for a webinar.

There is no participation fee to participate in Orientation sessions. 
The entire process is free of cost expect. 

The entire schools population should participate in the Fairtrade India Schools Programme. If that is not possible then we recommend engaging Students from grade 3 to 9 and grade 11 actively. 

To be eligible for any awards, your school will have to:
1. Complete one or all the three stages of the Programme - FairAware, FairActive and FairAchiever.
2. File online report on <<reporting portal>> and submit the report. 

Register for the Fairtrade India Schools Programme and login to the reporting portal. The reporting portal helps teachers and students to systematically complete the programme along with authentic and accurate documentation and reporting.

In case you have any particular query please write to us at schools@fairtradeindia.org. 

The Fairtrade India team will be more than happy to assist your schools at every step during the programme. You can write to us at schools@fairtradeindia.org.

It is compulsory to have a Steering committee to plan and implement the programme as per Plan of Action. This committee will comprise of teachers, students, parents, administration and management staff. It is advisable to have a coordinator teacher for the programme.

Fairtrade India provides a school's kit to each school which participates in the programme. The school kit guides the steering committee to initiate the process and report at each important juncture. We are in the process of updating the Schools Kit. We shall keep you posted on the Launch of the Schools Guideline Document. 

Each participating school is supposed to complete their respective profile <<online>> along with uploading evidence and other required necessary documents.

Each participating school will complete their respective report online and submit the report. Fairtrade India Team will take some time (based on the Stage applied for) to approve the report. On successful approval the participating school will receive an official email about their status on the application of becoming a Fairtrade School. 

The Fairtrade India team will be more than happy to assist your schools at every step during the programme. 

Yes, if your school is registered with us for the Fairtrade India Schools Programme, you will be awarded a designation based on the completed activities and campaigns respectively. 

Please “unspam” us to receive the notifications and mails. As we send bulk mails, we tend to land in the spam folder. Please check your spam folder and unspam us to receive all the emails. You can unspam us by adding our email id: schools@fairtradeindia.org in your email contact list.

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