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Social Media Handles of Fairtrade India:


Suggested duration: 6 months

Receiving the Stage I Award is all about getting familiar with the Fairtrade movement and finding out where the school is in terms of their understanding of the FairTrade movement. setting up mechanisms to help the school community adopt a Fairtrade approach. The award is recognised for a year; after the Stage I award, schools should consider working towards Stage II.

Suggested Duration : 3 weeks

The learners audit is to find out what your students already know about Fairtrade and the world around them in order to tailor the Schools approach in designing the activities and implementing awareness drives.

It will also feed into a large-scale data collection of pupils knowledge across the grades and allow us to make the Fairtrade Schools Award as effective as possible.

A Steering Committee is the core team needed to steer or guide the smooth functioning of the Fairtrade India Schools programme. An Action Plan developed participatorily by the Steering Committee at the start of Stage serves as a tool to plan and implement the Fairtrade India School Programme. The step involves formation of the Steering Committee via invitation, election or nomination. The members should be drawn from Students, Teachers, School Administration/non-teaching staff, and Parents. The Steering committee will comprise of Students from classes that will participate in the Stages 1/2/3, Teachers in charge of the Fairtrade India School Programme, School Administration and Few Parents of students from primary/middle/secondary levels. Once the Committee is in place, it may be communicated to the school community and develop an Action plan to implement Fairtrade India Schools programme effectively.

Suggested duration: 3 weeks

Formally introduce the school community to the global Fairtrade Movement along with its values and approach and launch the Fairtrade India Schools Programme (FISP) in your school, along with expressing the commitment to work towards an equal and just world.

Suggested Duration :Suggested duration: 8 weeks

Form a well-represented steering committee that represents students, teachers, administrators and parents. The committee will meet regularly to guide and develop the school’s Action Plan for carrying out Stage -wise tasks such as planning and organising events, activities, and other requirements.

Suggested Duration : 11 weeks

Through activities create awareness, enthusiasm, support and galvanize the school community about global issues that Fairtrade works towards addressing.

During this step, your school carries out awareness activities in innovative and informative formats about the Fairtrade global movement, the Fairtrade Mark, product categories/crops, Fairtrade model of sustainable consumption and production (UN SDG 12) and the changes we can bring about by meing more mindful of our consumption choices.

School community recognises the Fairtrade Mark, has a clear understanding of Fairtrade and the work that the movement does to support farming communities and promote sustainable consumption and production (UN SDG12).

Goals for achieving the designation :

  1. Conduct at last three Fairtrade School assemblies (one led by head of the school and two student-led assemblies)
  2. Steering Committee to create an action plan and conduct at least three meetings
  3. Everyone stakeholder recognises the Fairtrade Mark and understands Fairtrade and its work clearly. 

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